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Here is an opportunity to explore acting in English with GFCA Paris!

This workshop provides 10 full days of acting, voice, text and scene-work, movement and improvisation to boost your skills - how to breathe life into characters, expand your imaginative powers, build performance-confidence, grow your strengths as an actor, working in English!

Enjoyable and focussed sessions taught in English, and led by seasoned professional coaches from the GFCA Paris team: including Theo von Bomhard, Lindsay Richardson, Agniszka Gra. 

Ideal for intro-to-intermediate experience age 18+

- How to open, unblock and and free your talent and instrument. 
- How to explore text and develop characters in English. 
- Sense memory
- Objectives and activities
- Physical life
- Scene work
- Improvisation
and more…

All of this in a supportive, fun and creative, yet professional atmosphere.

Sessions run between 10.30 - 17.30 each day.

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